Recently I have been playing around with the latest series release of Bludit, in this instance it is version 3.6.1. It seems pretty swish!

I love the new dashboard and other little ui changes scattered throughout the admin backend now. I just wish there was some direct documentation on creating themes. Or more specifically in my case updating a 2 series to a 3 series. Might have to just try it and see how I get on. Since this theme is still very much a work in progress I will use it as a guinea pig.

Also been playing with the latest REST powered wordpress import plugin. Generally I am very impressed! The interface is amazing and allows you to not just import everything but also pick and choose what pages and posts to import. It also downloads images from the post (including the featured one), grabs categories and associated tags and converts most of the actualy post source into markdown. Butter me impressed indeed! Of the few posts I tried it stumbled over some with more complex code (generally that generated by WP plugins) but generally did a great job.

Who knows, one day I may well convert my blog into bludit and save myself a whole lot of bandwidth and loading time for visitors!